Timber Frame Builders, Colorado

What is Timber Framing?

Handmade Timber Frames Fort Collins - Timber Framing DrawingTimber framing is a building system that uses heavy timbers to carry structural loads. The heavy timbers are joined together with interlocking joints called mortise and tenon. The mortise and tenon joints are further fastened by pegs. This particular method of joining timber frame homes is what differentiates them from other forms of heavy timber construction.

Timber framing is an ancient method of building wooden buildings, and is practiced by both Eastern and Western cultures. Many centuries old timber frame buildings survive, allowing modern practitioners opportunity to observe successful design.

Modern timber framing is practiced as a finish craft, with timber frame components left exposed in the finished building. These beautiful and expressed structures have a profound impact on the building user’s experience. Timber frame’s combined use as structural and architectural elements makes them a highly desirable building system for designers and building occupants.

Modern engineered iterations of timber framing generally require the use of some metal fasteners, most often needed to resist the uplifting force of wind. Some modern designs may also require the use of steel connectors, (which are often hidden), to resist tension loads in large, open rooms.