Architectural and Timber Frame Design

What is Design?

Design is a road map or a strategic approach laid out to achieve a unique expectation. In our case, this relates to the construction of a building and at Frameworks we highly regard the value of design in helping our clients explore and meet their expectations. Intelligence, foresight, planning, and problem solving are all vital to the success of a project, and because of this, our design department is involved in every project we do. We offer valuable insights to our clients about budget, construction complications, and aesthetics and how these issues relate to our timber work.

We work closely with local licensed architects and are involved in projects from the conceptual stages all the way through the drafting of construction documents and obtaining a building permit. The building site, budget, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and most importantly the homeowner’s unique desires are all part of the custom home design.

We also work with other contractors, architects and engineers on timber frame design and other custom timber work. We add timber expertise to design teams to help ensure successful inclusion and coordination with the rest of the project.