General Contractor, Fort Collins

What is General Contracting?

General contracting is the service of contracting for and completing a construction project. A General Contractor is the person who assumes responsibility for the entire project, from start to finish.

The GC has regular contact with every client. He listens to their wishes, their hopes and aspirations. It is his job to ensure that each client experiences the building of their dream home as an enjoyable and memorable, even fun project. He is the client’s go-to person, meeting with them regularly, listening to and addressing their needs and possible desired modifications.

In some instances, the GC works with plans that an independent architect has created. In other scenarios the construction company itself has design/build capabilities in-house.

General Contractors usually employ the services of subcontractors (such as roofers, plumbers, heating and air conditioning experts, painters) who perform specific parts of the required work. The GC selects, hires and supervises them all.

In addition to managing his (or her) own people and subcontractors, the GC has myriad additional responsibilities.

He (or she) creates and manages a budget, works with the bank and reports progress on a regular basis, handles contracts and the paperwork the subs generate, organizes monthly revenue and meets payroll. In addition, he issues purchase orders, then reviews and pays invoices from vendors.

It’s more than a full-time job.