Meet the Dogs of Frameworks

oscarOscar Jones

Best Shop Dog Ever

Oscar came to Frameworks in 2006 and while he’s no longer with us, he reigns supreme; Our Top Dog. Oscar was practically human, a little neurotic, epileptic, crazy about tennis balls, and had a permanent dog body print in the front seat of the Frameworks work truck. He was a sweet soul, a big snuggler, and as Adrian always says, “he was the best friend I ever had.”


Ruby BlueRuby Blue


Ruby Blue is a new addition to Frameworks and she is ALL puppy. It’s nice to have another high-energy friend in the office! She’s sweet and snuggly but can also be very ornery. Oh, and did we mention quick? When she isn’t taking her puppy naps, you can find her romping around the shop. It’s hard to get any work done around here with those puppy eyes staring up at us!


Daisy for webMiss Daisy

Pup-o-cino Enthusiast

Daisy is a one year old lab mix known for her curly tail and ER skills; With a surgeon’s precision she can carefully amputate stuffed animals one limb at a time. When she’s not in surgery, she can be found hunting squirrels and killing moths. Starbucks has successfully marketed to Daisy as she has a keen sense for the Pup-o-cino coming her way when pulling up to the drive-thru.

Jackson Liprando for webJackson Liprando

Landscape Architect

Jackson is the youngest and newest addition to the Frameworks Team. A gardening enthusiast, Jackson loves picking up leaves in the yard and tearing out existing shrubbery. In his spare time he loves herding and playing with his cousin Daisy. On weekends you can find him climbing to the top of Horsetooth Rock.

rowdy and violet for webRowdy Koerner and Violet Barnes

Toy Dogs

These two Shih Tzu’s are the fanciest of all the dogs at our shop. They wear little sweaters and actually get groomed! At 10, Rowdy is almost blind, but is still enjoying life and loving people. Just a baby at 9 months, Violet is working on her signature moves (dancing and waving) and learning to cope with fame. Her luxurious locks must be combed, but she’s not yet a fan of the hair and makeup department.